Exceptional companies need exceptional video.

Smart Home Water Monitor

Our work for Flume kicked off with a fairly simple acknowledgement: water is incredible. After an initial phone call it became apparent that we all were excited about H2O. Everyone should be, right? Water is essential to our existence.

Inspire Before You Explain

What Flume does is fascinating in itself, but our mission was to introduce why consumers should care in the first place. Putting Flume's team center stage was an easy decision. Their passion for Flume made it clear that this wasn’t just about a smart device—it was an ingenious solution to some really big problems.

Client Perspective

"I had the amazing pleasure of working with Shelby & Josh to create videos that really capture the essence and soul of our brand. This was not an easy task as our product exists in a newer market and requires expert visionaries to bring to life. Floss Studio was more than up to the task and brought an energy and excitement to this project that can be described as no less than contagious.  

We went through an extensive RFP process to select the right partner, and their ability to listen, ask questions and innovate was unmatched. Floss Studio took the time to really understand our business and goals for this video, and the subsequent work they produced absolutely blew us away. We are truly proud to showcase their work as a representation of our business and could not be happier with how it turned out."

Kyle Reynolds
Director of Marketing

About Us

Floss Studio is owned and operated by Shelby Miles, an independent artist and filmmaker, and Josh Gondrez, a professional video producer.

“Corporate video” is usually a cookie-cutter exercise that barely taps into the tremendous potential of moving images and sound. We approach it differently. Our video assets help companies share their message while fulfilling their purpose.

We are excited about the potential of video to make an impact for each of our clients and bring that excitement to every production we take on.

Shelby Miles
Owner, Producer

Josh Gondrez
Creative Director

Our Process


Before any cameras are rolling or storyboards are created, we get to know our clients and begin to understand their unique points of view and needs. Our videos are collaborations with the clients we make them for—where we not only handle the hard stuff but love doing it.



This is when the rubber meets the road. We will begin producing any pre-visualizations, storyboards, scripts, and shooting schedules—sending them along for revisions and approval. The excitement is building.



Cameras are rolling, audio is recording, and we're animating graphics. The magic is happening.



Editing is a craft that brings together all of our hard work. We create audience-specific and platform-specific edits that target your needs precisely.


The Finish Line

Every video we deliver needs to make a real impact for our clients. With built-in rounds of revisions and an overall collaborative approach, our videos will leave you and your team proud of the final assets that make them look so good.


We can help you if...

You need to develop cross-platform video solutions.
You want to differentiate yourself from competitors.
You need to explain complex technology or ideas in an elegant way.
You need to move buyers through your marketing funnel.
You want video content that makes you and your team proud.
You want to stand out among run-of-the-mill corporate videos.
Share your goals with us. We are ready to help.
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